The 2007 Puteri Indonesia beauty contest

One week to go before the 2007 Puteri Indonesia beauty contest!

So pencil Friday 3 August into your diary.

And don’t forget the show can be watched live on SCTV, starting at 9.00pm.

So who’s gonna win? Well a tough call to make of course, but after a look at the 36 contestants, I reckon the winner will be from among the following:

1. the SEXY Bona Dea Kometa (Jakarta)
Bona Dea Kometa

2. the LONG HAIRED Tri Handayani (Jakarta)
Tri Handayani

3. the CUTE looking Essy Prita Cinta (West Java)
Essy Prita Cinta

4. the GLAMOROUS looking Duma Riris Silalahi (North Sumatra)
Duma Riris Silalahi

5. and the NICE looking Indah Mulyati (Lampung)
Indah Mulyati

Good luck to ‘em all!

All pics courtesy of Puteri Indonesia