Existentialism and Rebecca Reijman

Two zebras are talking and one asks the other, "Am I black with white stripes or white with black stripes?" The other replies, "Well I don’t know. You should pray to God about that and ask him."

So that night he did and God replied, "You are what you are."

The next day he said to the other zebra, "I still don’t know what I am because God just said, You are what you are." The second zebra responds, "You must be white with black stripes or else God would have said, Yo is what yo is."

And as for my favorite zebra? Well Rebecca Reijman of course…


Aura Kasih: Mari Bercinta

This finalist of Putri Indonesia hails from Lampung, and has just released her eponymous album entitled Malaikat Penggoda.

Aura Kasih, hot, sexy, bikini, cantik

She also starred in a highly erotic video for the song Mari Bercinta (Let’s Make Love). But this stab at notoriety backfired: the TV stations were too scared to show the steamy video.

A terrible shame I’m sure you’ll agree. But at least we can still see the video on the internet :)

sexy Aura Kasih in red


Aura Kasih: She loves to get her hands on a long stiff pole

Dewi Sandra vs. Sandra Dewi

Indonesia doesn’t give up its secrets easily and it’s little wonder that foreigners often find themselves completely bemused. Things are upside-down, inverted, magnified and sometimes even back-to front. And this even applies to names. Dewi Sandra or Sandra Dewi? Well, both are correct of course, but refer to two completely different people.

So don’t get confused and here’s how to tell ‘em apart:

Dewi Sandra

Dewi Sandra (above): this buxom beauty has 50% English blood running through her veins but tends to embarrass herself by performing really silly dance routines to highly forgettable pop songs.

Sandra Dewi

Sandra Dewi (above): has a good girl image but complicated matters a bit by appearing in a devastatingly sexy photoshoot for FHM. To complicate matters further were a series of bugil shots which, according to her and computer wizard Boy Surayo are obviously fake. Hmmm…

Who is hotter?
Dewi Sandra
Sandra Dewi

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Yuni Shara

You have to feel sorry for Yuni Shara.

First her husband was put in jail, accused of trying to rip off the Indonesian police (Polri) by marking up a contract to supply them with overpriced communications equipment.

Not a particularly clever thing to do, of course, and it pretty much explains why the cops were so furious. So angry in fact that they wouldn’t even allow the sexy singer – who is Krisdayanti’s older sister – to bring her husband a cake to mark the occasion of his 50th birthday in jail.

And now the latest news is that she’s getting a divorce.

Yuni Shara

Life is tough Yuni, but don’t feel too sad. And if you’re lonely and need a shoulder to cry on, you shouldn’t have to look too hard.

Angel Lelga

Second-rate singer Angel Lelga hit the headlines for marrying an aging timber tycoon from Kalimantan old enough to be her father. Now it could be that she is attracted to older men of course. Or it could be that she is attracted to their money. Now I wonder which it is? Hmm…

But whatever the reason, she is certainly willing to put up with a bum deal. Cos in a truly bizarre arrangement, she will apparently have to share him with his three other wives including his third wife, the incredibly sexy dangdut singer Cucu Cahyati.

But lovely Angel ain’t no stranger to controversy of course. After all, she had been married to the aging dangdut legend Rhoma Irama until they went their separate ways. Let’s just hope she has better luck this time.

Angel lelga

Angel Lelga: no wonder she looks sad - she’ll have to share her man with three others!

Tina Talisa

Alliteration is the repetition of the first consonant sound in a phrase. Tina Talisa’s parents realized the power of alliteration, and through a measured application of this linguistic device managed to come up with a catchy and interesting name for their lovely daughter - even if it is the sort of name that you’d find in a Beatrix Potter novel!


Tina Talisa: certainly a lot sexier than Tabitha Twitchitt

Febby Renasari Lawrence

I’ve never liked stereotypes. In some cases the assumptions may hold, but how many times have you found them just to be plain wrong? As perfectly demonstrated by the irrepressible Febby Renasari Lawrence, who shatters the popular myth regarding Asian women in a phenomenal two-pronged attack.


Rianti Cartwright

Rianti Cartwright has incredibly beautiful eyes.

No wonder then that she was chosen to star in Ayat Ayat Cinta, a wonderfully moving film which has brought people to tears for showing how tolerance and love can overcome narrow-minded bigotry.


But besides nice eyes she has other positive attributes as well. But I don’t need to tell you that do I!


Annisa Tri Hapsari

Celebrity marriages often don’t work out.

But even after the heartbreak of divorce, many of Indonesia’s sexy celebrities quickly find a new spouse.

And some much quicker than others.

Like sexy mother of four Titi DJ who quickly tied the nuptial knot with a young tattoo-covered Indonesian rocker.

And why not? After all, you are only as young as you feel – or, indeed, only as young as the one that you feel.

Something that Annisa Tri Hapsari quickly came to realize during her former marriage.

His replacement? Sultan Djorghi, who comes in a good few years younger than the lovely Annisa.

Is Annisa Tri Hapsari a bitch?
I certainly don’t think so – but she does!

Masayu Anastasia

Indonesian girls – and Asian girls – in general are, alas, not noted for their measurements in the mammary department. Indeed, feelings of inadequacy in this respect have even prompted some desperate local women to get high-cost breast implants.

But are things changing for the better? Well, they certainly seem to be. And this is not just mere conjecture: Ramayana – a popular Indonesian department store – has noted that in the last five years or so its sales of larger bra sizes have soared exponentially.

And the reason behind this phenomenon? Fast food of course. Most of the gains have taken place in the country’s big cities where consumption of fast foods high in protein and packed with hormones are readily consumed. There is even a conspiracy theory going around that the US – with the help of KFC and McDonalds – has an agenda to increase bust sizes in countries around the world so that they don’t fall far short of Texan standards.

True or not, one thing is for sure: Masayu Anastasia finds it hard to conceal her considerable assets. And guess what her favorite food is? That’s right – KFC!

Masayu leaning against a long pole

Ayu Azhari in the hot tub

Like her two attention-seeking sisters Sarah Azhari and Rahma Azhari, the less busty yet no less attractive Ayu Azhari is also no stranger to controversy.

And she’s more than willing to do what it takes to get in the spotlight.

Even if it means playing the ubiquitous love interest in a low budget American popcorn flick.

Directed by Robert Anthony, 1994’s “Without Mercy” aka “Outraged Fugitive” is actually a very mediocre action film, and is only saved by the steamy performance put in by a very uninhibited Ayu Azhari.

Ayu is actually the "property" of crime kingpin Martin Kove but ex-Marine John Zagarino ain’t too bothered about that and his advances soon start to pay dividends.

Their first tryst (at 30 minutes) doesn’t start off to well though, as John bends her over roughly on a couch.

But the best is to come as the two protagonists decide to continue their exertions in the bathroom.

Very steamy stuff indeed…

gambar sexy Ayu Azhari in Outraged Fugitive

Ema purnama

Emerging from the curtains...

Getting ready to take 'em off...

And time to play!

Agni Pratistha: Flying the flag for Indonesia

Agni Pratistha is flying the flag for Indonesia in this year’s Miss Universe contest.

And so far she seems to be doing a good job.

In Monday’s (21/5) interview process she was even ranked in the top 16 (out of 76 contestants).

Certainly a lot better than Indonesia’s entry last year, Nadine Chandrawinata, who famously said that Indonesia was a beautiful “city”.

So come on Agni! Keep it up. Cos you’ve come an awfully long way already.

Agni Pratistha: from schoolgirl…

Agni Pratistha
…to glamour girl!

Agni Pratistha

Shanty: no more hang-ups!

Ex MTV VJ Shanty is perhaps best known for her role in the classic Indonesian skin flick “Ganti Baju”, a film which also features other female notables such as Femmy Permatasari and Sarah Azhari.

The film didn’t show at the cinemas first, and was a direct-to-VCD production. But that is hardly surprising. Because these actresses didn’t even know they were making a film! They had actually been secretly filmed through a changing room's two-way mirror, in much the way a hidden spy camera is able to record the action!

The film lasts 30 minutes and sold huge numbers on VCD in Jakarta in the months of April and May in 2003.

Even so, Shanty was apparently badly traumatized by the whole unsavory episode.

And in her most recent film, Kala, she actually complained about having to do some kissing scenes with Fachri Albar (the scenes were shot three times) even if - this time - she didn’t have to take off her clothes!

But these latest antics have apparently done her good, and she now seems to be back to her uninhibited self. Good for you Shanty!

Lucky Dog

This has been sent to me by one of my readers: a simply fantastic picture of Sharen, the incredibly leggy model whose picture you can see all around Jakarta at the moment in ads for the XL cellular telephone service:

Some dogs have all the luck…

Nira Ayu: in the bathtub!

Little Timmy and his father are in the bath.

Little Timmy points to his Dad's crotch and says "Daddy, what's that?"

His Dad replies "That's a badger Timmy and you have one too"

Timmy looks down at himself and back at his Dad and says "But Daddy, why is mine different to yours?"

"That's be cause mine's ewect son"

And here’s a pic of the multitalented Nira Ayu:

Nira Ayu

There is more to having a bath than just getting clean.

Olga Lidya: Queen of the Castle

Model, actress and TV presenter Olga Lidya has an unusual hobby for a young woman in Indonesia.

She likes chess.

In fact, she loves the board game so much that she has agreed to promote chess on behalf of Indonesia’s chess association, Percasi.

This is a clever move of course, and should do much to boost the popularity of chess in Indonesia.

After all, who wouldn’t want to give her a game?

And regardless of how well she plays chess, she’s also pretty good at modeling.

Especially when she wears a swimsuit.

Ganesh and pretty girls

For a terrifying moment a few years ago, it looked like the sky was about to fall in when the hardliners raised a storm over the Indonesian version of Playboy and pushed for an absurd anti-por n law that would - among other things - have criminalized sunbathing in Bali.

But thankfully good sense has prevailed. Strong opposition meant the law wasn’t passed.

And it isn’t only the skimpily dressed foreign tourists in Bali who are relieved. Cos the law would also have criminalized many traditional Indonesian art forms – and even religious symbols – that play on sensuality.

"A law must not create divisions within the nation and must be accepted by all citizens," House of Representatives speaker Agung Laksono told foreign reporters.

Laksono said the draft had been revised to take into account cultural traditions and local sensitivities.

"In places like Bali and Papua, bare-breasted women are a daily sight. If such things are banned it will be against local customs," he said.

And you know what? I think he’s absolutely right!

Ganesh, the elephant-headed God of wisdom and success, on the left; a pretty Indonesian model in a red bikini on the right.

Isobelle Yahya: naked innocence

There aren’t too many Indonesian girls who will take their clothes off for the cameras.

But Isobelle Yahya is one of them.

She stripped off for a piece of artwork called Pinkswing Park which was briefly displayed at an exhibition at Indonesia’s central bank.

She is seen naked – in multiple poses - with her lover (Anjasmara) in a utopian park.

There’s a sort of Adam and Eve innocence to the whole thing. Rather charming in fact.

But the serenity didn’t last long.

Because as soon as the religious fanatics heard about it, they went crazy, claiming the picture blasphemed the story of Adam and Eve.

How could the exhibitors show such a picture?, they wanted to know.

How could they indeed?

But as things turned out Isobelle got off fairly lightly. Charges were only filed against Anjasmara, who later apologized for the whole thing, saying it was a misunderstanding.

Anyway, I’m sure Isobelle will be more careful the next time she takes her clothes off.

Because if she avoids the arty stuff and just does the men’s magazines, she’ll be okay. After all, Tiara Lestarti has never had any problems, has she?

Novie Amelia and photography rules

There are many rules in photography that are supposed to help you get more aesthetically pleasing pictures. One of them is to never place the setting sun in the center of the picture but to one side. Another tip is to use a warming filter to bring out the reds of the sunset (with a digital camera you can just set the white balance to shade and you will get a similar effect). But to get a really pleasing picture that you’ll want to show your friends you’ll have to include an interesting subject in the shot. Just like the stupendously curvatous Novie Amelia…

novie amelia

novie amelia
off it comes…

Taffana Dewi

The main road to the south of Yogyakarta leads to isolated yet beautiful beaches at Parangtritis, domain to Nyai Loro Kidul, the legendary Queen of the South Seas. Venerated yet feared by Jogyakartans, she has been known to drag people who dare to wear green – for only she can wear this color - off into the ravaging South Java Seas.

No wonder then that local lass Taffana Dewi doesn’t wear a green bikini. She prefers to wear a black one…

Taffana Dewi

Mayangsari: A lucky lady

Mayangsari’s albums may have flopped but she’s still managed to do very nicely for herself thank-you.

Because as a magnet to the male species, Mayangsari has managed to net some valuable catches indeed.

Her first notable tryst was with Dewa Budjana, the guitarist of GIGI, a highly popular Indonesian rock band.

But after breaking up with Dewa in 2001, Mayangsari discarded the rock world and moved onto much bigger things: the political domain.

And she didn’t strike low either. Her catch?

None other than the oldest son of former president Soeharto, the hugely wealthy Bambang Trihatmodjo.

And her efforts did not go unrewarded.

Because despite struggling in her career at the time, she somehow managed to acquire a luxurious house in the elite district of Simprug, in South Jakarta.

But her lovelife was not to remain private.

Since for only reasons that she must know, she allowed photos of her romantic trysts with Bambang to be taken while they were staying in a hotel in Jakarta.

The photos were then posted up on the Web for everyone to see.

How lovely.

The latest model has a perfectly proportioned rear end, although access is limited to the privileged few. I just love Mercedes don’t you?

Krisdayanti: in action!

Krisdayanti (born on 24 May, 1975 in Malang, East Java) has attained diva status in Indonesia, and commands huge fees for her performances.

But while she ain’t a bad singer, this buxom beauty’s bodily charms have definitely played a big role in propelling her to success.

No wonder then that she is in such big demand.

Besides singing, Krisdayanti has also raked in the money by promoting an Indonesian health drink called Hemaviton Action.

2x sehari siap Action!
And in the TV ad she sings that, “she is ready for action two times a day!”

Thanks no doubt to the ginseng, royal jelly and combination of Indonesian traditional herbs that are guaranteed to make anyone as horny as hell.

Krisdayanti is always ready for action!

Jodi Ann Paterson: a red-hot chili pepper

The glamorous world of female modeling really does owe a huge debt to Indonesia.

A case in point: the delectable Jodi Ann Paterson.

Tracing her bloodline to the island of Borneo, where savage headhunters once ruled supreme, Jodi has attracted fans from across the globe since she hit the big time with a highly celebrated photoshoot for the world’s most famous men’s magazine Playboy.

So sensational, in fact, was Jodi that she took the coveted honor of “Playmate of The Year” in 2000, for which she received US$100,000 and a very tasty red Chevrolet Corvette.

But there’s more to Jodi than her curvatous charms and exotic beauty: she was the first playmate to have a college degree (she got hers from Oregon State University).

Besides brains, she can also act a bit: even though she may need to choose her roles a little more carefully in the future (for some inexplicable reason, her appearance in the film Dude, Where’s My Car? was as the giant alien!!).

And like other Indonesian hotties – such as Karenina Mara Anderson and Jade Marcela - Jodi Ann Paterson also has a liking for tattoos.

Hers is on her right buttock:

A red-hot chili pepper no less. Admittedly small, but I’m sure those lucky enough to have tasted this exotic offering were soon burning up…

Femmy Permatasari

Femmy Permatasari is best known for her starring role in the classic Indonesian skin flick “Ganti Baju”, a film featuring Femmy and five other hot Indonesian models (Rachel Maryan, Shanti, Sarah Azhari, Meggy Megawati and Yosephine Waas).

The film didn’t show at the cinemas first, and was a direct-to-VCD production. But that is hardly surprising. Because these actresses didn’t even know they were making a film! They had actually been secretly filmed through a changing room's two-way mirror, in much the way a hidden spy camera is able to record the action!

The film lasts 30 minutes and sold huge numbers on VCD in the months of April and May in 2003.

But despite being a roaring success, Femmy Permatasari was not impressed.

So along with Shanti, Femmy filed a lawsuit against the film’s “director” Budi Han. He was convicted in the courts, and given a one-year prison sentence.

But still Femmy Permatasari was not satisfied.

And in an interview with Kompas newspaper, she claims that even the death penalty for Budi Han would not have made up for the stress she had suffered:

Seperti apa situasi Anda waktu pertama kali kasus itu muncul?
Untuk saya pribadi, saya telah berkeluarga, beban mental saya sangat berat. Dari keluarga saya, keluarga suami, dari lingkungan anak-anak saya bermain, sampai fisik saya. Saya ke kantor polisi, sampai pagi, saya stress, saya sampai masuk rumah sakit. Besoknya saya muntah-muntah terus, kata dokter saya stress. Saya kena maag, ini karena beban stress yang amat sangat, badan saya drop lima kilo. Saya badannya memang kecil, tambah kurus lagi. Saya sampai menyepi ke vila keluarga sampai sepuluh hari.

Anda menginginkan hukuman macam apa buat Budi Han Cs?
Kalau aku, di Indonesia sudah ada undang-undang (UU), ya yang sesuai dengan UU yang berlaku. Kalau di UU tidak ada hukumnya, ya saya mau apa. Aku pribadi, misalnya Budi Han dihukum seumur hidup pun, kerugian saya belum bisa terbayarkan. Dihukum mati pun nggak bisa kebayar. Saya nggak mau tuntut-tuntut. Sesuai dengan UU yang ada saja.

Arrrh… Poor Femmy. Don’t you just feel sorry for her? Well not really…

And it’s ridiculous for her to claim her reputation was damaged. Cos she doesn’t have a "good girl" reputation in the first place. Well except perhaps as a sexy Indonesian actress who is willing to pose in front of the cameras in a cheap looking dress for a few extra bucks…

Femmy Permatasari

Femmy Permatasari

Anggun: the sexy photos

Anggun is one of Indonesia’s most sensational exports, a phenomenally attractive lady who has achieved massive success in her adopted country France.

But despite her fame, she has generally turned down offers to model in seductive poses. Until now that is. And the results are well worth waiting for. Magnifico!!!

Anggun: the sexy photos

Anggun: the sexy photos

The art of photography

The art of photographing women outdoors – whether in Indonesia or elsewhere – is quite simple. Make sure that you have good natural light and a very fast – meaning very expensive – telephoto lens. This allows you to get a nice razor-sharp image of the girl, while the background is nicely blurred. A tripod is also essential of course to avoid camera shake. Only one problem – where do you find the girl?!!!!


Smile for the camera Ninda. Say durian…

Mala Camelia: every schoolboy’s dream girl

In an effort to attract viewers, Indonesia’s sinetron (soap opera) producers have come up with some pretty wonderful shows over the years.

One of my all-time favorites is RCTI’s Montir-Montir Cantik (Beautiful Mechanics) which featured super sexy Sarah Azhari as a car mechanic who wore little more than hot pants as she went down on customers’, er, cars.

Another favorite of mine is Guruku Cantik Sekali (My Teacher is Very Beautiful) featuring the extremely nubile and well-endowed Sukabumi actress Mala Camelia.

The very notion of Mala teaching horny adolescent students takes Indonesian sinetron from the ridiculous to the sublime of course.

As for extracurricular activities after school, it’s pretty obvious what the students had on their minds.

Cos who wouldn’t want a private lesson with such a lovely teacher?

Mala Camelia

The amazing talents of Feby Febiola

I'm not sure what Feby Febiola is doing in the picture below. Are you?

Feby Febiola

I just wonder what other tricks she has up her sleeve…

Tiara Lestari – the rare German FHM photoshoot

Java’s hottest property, the stupendous Tiara Lestari, has vowed never to pose in front of the cameras without her clothes on again.

Now that’s a big shame of course, but at least she leaves behind her a fine legacy of work for her many fans to drool over.

Probably the rarest and most unseen work she has done has been for the German edition of FHM.

Very few of her fans outside of Germany have ever seen the photoshoot - the pictures are simply not available – even on the net.

Up to now that is.

Because my German friend emailed me the shots over yesterday.

Dankeshun Klaus!

Tiara Lestari – the rare German FHM photoshoot

Winda Ayu: always in fashion

A visit to a large shopping mall in Jakarta is the perfect opportunity to do some people watching; and also see what fashions are in, and what are not.

But what was striking in Taman Anggrek was not what the chicks were wearing but what they were doing to their hair: there was no shortage of redheads, blondes and brunettes. And this in a country where everyone is born with black hair!

Quite bizarre really: cos when I first came to Indonesia nobody would dare dye their hair - and now everyone is doing it!

Also getting more popular at the moment are denim skirts. And even tattoos.

Winda Ayu

Winda Ayu: she has the dyed hair and denim skirt but where are the tattoos?

Julia Perez in all her roles

Reason is a whore, surviving by simulation, versatility, and shamelessness.
>Emile M. Cioran

Indonesia’s Julia Perez is a wonder. And in whatever role she plays – from Student to Mechanic, and even to a lusty lesbian, or more incongrously still, a Lifeguard – she is sure to get attention.

Julia Perez, Jupe
Julia Perez the Mechanic

Julia Perez, Jupe
Julia Perez the Student

Julia Perez, Jupe
Julia Perez the Kisser

Whose back is this?

Just for a change, I’ve decided to put up a pic of a well-known Indonesian celebrity seen from a quite different perspective. But still very appealing I’m sure you’ll agree. If you ain’t sure who she is, you might wanna check out my archives as I’ve featured this very nubile young lass before. No prizes for the winner, but post a comment if you think you know the answer. Cheers.


Ayu Maria: an exception to the rule

In any 101 photography class they will tell you that it is imperative for your female model to stand in a pleasing vertical position. Any slanting either way will reduce the aesthetic qualities of the shot no matter how outstanding the subject. But for every rule there is an exception. Like in the wonderful photograph of Indonesia’s lovely Ayu Maria shown below. A great picture I’m sure you’ll agree. Even if you do have to crank your head somewhat to the left to enjoy it…

Victoria Sianipar

Question: who was the first Indonesian to pose for P'boy?

Answer: Victoria Sianipar. She appeared in the June 1999 Russian edition: one of the most highly sought after and coveted issues of the magazine ever printed. Today, of course, Indonesia has its own (extremely tame) version of the popular magazine. But not everyone is a fan. And in the face of violent threats from the religious fanatics, the magazine has sought sanctuary in the Hindu enclave of Bali. Criminal charges have even been pressed. And its editor faces up to two years in prison. Sad times indeed. I wonder what Victoria would think?

Victoria Sianipar

The 2007 Puteri Indonesia beauty contest

One week to go before the 2007 Puteri Indonesia beauty contest!

So pencil Friday 3 August into your diary.

And don’t forget the show can be watched live on SCTV, starting at 9.00pm.

So who’s gonna win? Well a tough call to make of course, but after a look at the 36 contestants, I reckon the winner will be from among the following:

1. the SEXY Bona Dea Kometa (Jakarta)
Bona Dea Kometa

2. the LONG HAIRED Tri Handayani (Jakarta)
Tri Handayani

3. the CUTE looking Essy Prita Cinta (West Java)
Essy Prita Cinta

4. the GLAMOROUS looking Duma Riris Silalahi (North Sumatra)
Duma Riris Silalahi

5. and the NICE looking Indah Mulyati (Lampung)
Indah Mulyati

Good luck to ‘em all!

All pics courtesy of Puteri Indonesia