Renny Agustine

It’s difficult to translate the Indonesian word montok into English.

Indonesians often use it to describe full-bodied, curvy, buxom women, who are, in my humble opinion, far more appealing than the emaciated looking fashion models in the West.

But look up the word in the authoritative Indonesia to English dictionary by Echols and Shadily and you will be informed that the translation of montok is “plump”.

Oh come on guys - you couldn’t be more wrong!

Just take a look at the gorgeous Renny Agustine, for example.

Often described in the Indonesian press as montok, I can’t see how anyone could describe her as plump.

Not unless your idea of the perfect woman is an emaciated anorexic-suffering Western fashion model of course. But no one thinks like that anymore. Or do they?

Renny Agustine

Renny Agustine: she certainly ain’t plump