Andhara Early: Indonesia’s first playmate of the month

No, it’s not Indah Ludiana. Or Sarah Azhari. Or even the irascible Tiara Lestari.

Because the playmate for the Indonesian first edition of Playboy is none other than Andhara Early!

But who is she?, I can hear you say.

Well, I haven’t a clue.

Perhaps she's an aspiring actress. Or they may have talent-spotted her at some university campus.

But what about the Indonesia magazine itself?

Well, although the cover is definately a disappointment by Playboy’s normally very high standards - the inner pages are much more revealing.

In one shot, Andhara is stripped down to her undies, in an extremely risque position involving a sofa and a few cucumbers.

Well maybe not the cucumbers!

Andhara Early playboy

You know where you can stick this!