Ratu Felisha: naughty but nice

Sometimes good girls do become naughty girls.

Just like Ratu Felisha.

Once thought to be as good as gold, she stunned the Indonesian entertainment world last year when she agreed to pose for the Indonesian version of the racy men’s magazine FHM in nothing more than a bikini.

Ratu Felisha

But her slide into the abyss had only just begun.

Her real moment of unabashed embarrassment was captured on someone’s handphone camera while she was partying hard in one of Bali’s many nightclubs.

A Marlboro Light in one hand, she seems to be enjoying the attention she is receiving from the young man who has one hand firmly on her body.

Ratu Felisha

What would Felisha’s poor mother have to say about that?

Ratu Felisha

Rossa Handiyani to pose for Playboy?

After Andhara Early’s artistic yet sensual photoshoot for the Indonesian version of the world’s most famous men’s magazine, it seems that Indonesian celebrities and models are lining up to follow in her footsteps.

First there was Inul Daratista, who for a short time was probably the most talked about person in Indonesia because of her infamous hip-gyrating dance called “the drill”.

But Indonesians soon tired of her titillating exploits and she is now clearly desperate to do anything to get back in the public eye.

No wonder then that she wants the chance to get some much-needed publicity.

However, the interest shown by the ravishingly gorgeous Rossa Roslaina Handiyani comes as much more of a surprise.

But the publishers of P’boy should definitely take her up on her offer.

Rossa Handiyani

Cos with assets like those, she’s sure to be a big hit…

Andhara Early: Indonesia’s first playmate of the month

No, it’s not Indah Ludiana. Or Sarah Azhari. Or even the irascible Tiara Lestari.

Because the playmate for the Indonesian first edition of Playboy is none other than Andhara Early!

But who is she?, I can hear you say.

Well, I haven’t a clue.

Perhaps she's an aspiring actress. Or they may have talent-spotted her at some university campus.

But what about the Indonesia magazine itself?

Well, although the cover is definately a disappointment by Playboy’s normally very high standards - the inner pages are much more revealing.

In one shot, Andhara is stripped down to her undies, in an extremely risque position involving a sofa and a few cucumbers.

Well maybe not the cucumbers!

Andhara Early playboy

You know where you can stick this!

Renny Agustine

It’s difficult to translate the Indonesian word montok into English.

Indonesians often use it to describe full-bodied, curvy, buxom women, who are, in my humble opinion, far more appealing than the emaciated looking fashion models in the West.

But look up the word in the authoritative Indonesia to English dictionary by Echols and Shadily and you will be informed that the translation of montok is “plump”.

Oh come on guys - you couldn’t be more wrong!

Just take a look at the gorgeous Renny Agustine, for example.

Often described in the Indonesian press as montok, I can’t see how anyone could describe her as plump.

Not unless your idea of the perfect woman is an emaciated anorexic-suffering Western fashion model of course. But no one thinks like that anymore. Or do they?

Renny Agustine

Renny Agustine: she certainly ain’t plump

Pamala Indah: Indonesia Playboy’s first playmate of the month?

Since Playboy confirmed that it would start to publish an Indonesian version of the world’s most famous men’s magazine in March there has been huge speculation in Jakarta as to whom the first playmate of the month will be.

Let’s look at a few of the likely contenders.

1) Indah Ludiana
A very strong candidate. Especially as she was invited by Playboy to do some modeling work in the States a few months ago. This could be a mere coincidence, of course, but it could also be that the photoshoot was being done for the first Indonesian Playboy edition. But then again wouldn’t Playboy Indonesia want to shoot in an Indonesian setting rather than overseas for its first edition?

2) Tiara Lestari
As she has already posed for both Playboy and Penthouse, she seems a likely contender even if she has denied any interest in wanting to pose for Playboy Indonesia. Speculation has increased however after it came to light that she had visited Bali for a holiday at the beginning of the year - and done some photomodeling while she was there.

3) Pamala Indah
Not to be confused with Indah Ludiana, this busty beauty would definitely be a good choice, especially since she has the sort of confident personality to suggest that she wouldn’t be too shy to pose for Playboy.


But who will it be? Only time will tell…

Indah Ludiana to make the big time?

Indah Ludiana is still a relative unknown.

But that may soon change.

Because if the rumors are true, then she may feature in the famous US magazine, Playboy.

Whether this is true or not, I don't know.

But it could well be her breakthrough.