Julia Perez: Indonesia’s loveliest lifeguard

There’s a very good reason to be at home in front of your TV set on Monday evenings at 11.30pm.

Cos that is when Trans TV broadcasts the brilliant TV show Penjaga Pantai, a sort of Indonesian version of Baywatch.

And there are plenty of babes on the beaches.

Including the highly explosive Julia Perez.

Now that’s not a very Indonesian name you might be thinking. And you’d be right. Cos Perez is actually the surname of her incredibly fortunate French hubbie Damien Perez.

So smitten is he by his lovely wife, he reportedly bought her a luxurious and very expensive car. And he never misses an opportunity to demonstrate his love for her. Even if that means licking her in public:

gambar sexy Julia Perez
Down Damien. Down!

But by all accounts, Damien will also have a hard time in keeping his lovely wife on the straight and narrow. Cos she does have a rather sordid reputation to live down to.

sexy Julia Perez bikini
Wanna see even more? I’m sure you do…

sexy gambar Julia Perez pantat
As a student, Julia was A+ in all respects, although in a strange twist of irony she was also bottom of the class as well. If only the other students could have matched her low standards…