Imelda Chrisdianti: the girl next door

Imelda Chrisdianti, or just plain old Imey, comes from Surabaya.

A few years back she entered the limelight for winning “Cantik Indonesia”, one of those “talent” shows which are cheap to make and sure to attract heaps of mostly male viewers.

But it seems that this young beauty was not destined for fame.

Obscurity her calling.

So now she’s gone. But not forgotten of course. Just another girl next door…

Imelda Chrisdianti

Imelda Chrisdianti

Imelda Chrisdianti: would you like her as your next-door neighbour?

Virnie Ismail: the nurse

Virnie Ismail

A old man was in hospital. Lying in bed, he leaned over to the pretty young nurse attending to him and whispered into her ear:

"Give us a kiss, luv!"

Virnie Ismail

"No!", replied the nurse

"Oh go on!", he asked again. “Give us a kiss!”

"No!", replied the nurse

"Please!", begged the old man, "Just a little kiss on the cheek."

"For the last time, NO!…", said the nurse

"….I shouldn't even be ####"


Vivian Alamsyah: Wonder Woman is back!!

Remember Wonder Woman? Well many Indonesians don’t. And that’s because the wily old dictator Suharto decided to ban the show from Indonesian screens. No one really knows why, but there were rumors that Suharto was worried that the show might put the “wrong sorts of ideas” into the heads of his two tear-away sons, Bambang and Tommy.

But you can’t keep a good show down forever of course.

So, after many years, Wonder Woman is finally back in Indonesia.


Vivian Alamsyah

Vivian Alamsyah

Vivian is well-equipped to deal with the baddies

Dewi Persik: Indonesia’s sexiest dangdut singer

Move over Inul Daratista.

Because Dewi Persik is the new queen of the dangdut stage.

And even with her marriage going down the tubes, the lovely 22-year old from Jember hasn’t lost any of her youthful exuberance - her crazy Goyang Gergaji (“saw” dance) sending the crowds wild.

But her party trick is saved for the special occasions only: the ability to take off her top while still singing! Even if she does receive a helping hand…

Dewi Persik

Mirasih Tyas and the red eye effect

One of the most annoying things in photography is the red eye effect.

Hey is that really a picture of you? Or are the zombies on the loose?

But in this day and age all is not lost. Cos most cameras now have an anti red-eye feature that you can use to eliminate this annoying effect. Or failing that, you can simply fix the problem using a decent software package like Adobe’s Photoshop.

But sometimes it’s not only the red eye effect that proves to be distracting of course. As Mirasih Tyas perfectly demonstrates in the photograph below:

mirasih tyas

Mirasih Tyas is the one without red eyes

Julia Perez: Indonesia’s loveliest lifeguard

There’s a very good reason to be at home in front of your TV set on Monday evenings at 11.30pm.

Cos that is when Trans TV broadcasts the brilliant TV show Penjaga Pantai, a sort of Indonesian version of Baywatch.

And there are plenty of babes on the beaches.

Including the highly explosive Julia Perez.

Now that’s not a very Indonesian name you might be thinking. And you’d be right. Cos Perez is actually the surname of her incredibly fortunate French hubbie Damien Perez.

So smitten is he by his lovely wife, he reportedly bought her a luxurious and very expensive car. And he never misses an opportunity to demonstrate his love for her. Even if that means licking her in public:

gambar sexy Julia Perez
Down Damien. Down!

But by all accounts, Damien will also have a hard time in keeping his lovely wife on the straight and narrow. Cos she does have a rather sordid reputation to live down to.

sexy Julia Perez bikini
Wanna see even more? I’m sure you do…

sexy gambar Julia Perez pantat
As a student, Julia was A+ in all respects, although in a strange twist of irony she was also bottom of the class as well. If only the other students could have matched her low standards…