Cynthiara Alona finds love on a group tour to Paris!

Group tours by Indonesians to Europe have always been very popular, especially since all the travel arrangements and bureaucracy involved in getting a visa are handled for you.

Paris, London and Rome are popular destinations.

For Indonesians - and the women in particular - there are plenty of opportunities to go shopping for fancy stuff like designer item handbags, clothes and shoes etc.

But Cynthiara Alona had her mind clearly set on other things.


Being in Paris, this was the perfect opportunity for the star of the horror movie flick “Raped by Saitan” to look for romance.

Given her admirable bodily charms this did not prove to be too difficult and the luscious head turner soon got embroiled in a feisty affair with a lucky local named Ivan Gravilovic.

Remarkably, though, their relationship quickly blossomed and the couple now plans to get married on 7 July.

Holiday flings never work out?

Try telling Cynthiara Alona that!

Cynthiara Alona in  “Raped by Saitan”

From Raped by Saitan to a Holiday Affair, life is never boring for Cynthiara Alona

Robby Abbas wants Amel Alvi rehabilitated!

Notorious Indonesian pimp Robby Abbas wants his former call girl Amel Alvi to undergo rehabilitation. According to him, it’s not fair that he has to serve a one year four month prison sentence while Amel has not been punished.

"This is the weakness of our legal system - only punishing the pimp while the hooker gets off scot free. This is not right. We need a mental revolution,” said Robby’s lawyer.

To this end, Robby Abbas is apparently threatening to send a letter to the Governor of Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok), asking for Amel to be sent to a rehabilitation center.

Quite why Ahok should care less what Robby Abbas has to say is not clear.

Especially since this is the most ludicrous idea since Icarus used wax to attach his feathered wings to his arms.

After all, nothing good could possibly come from placing such a heavenly creature as Amel Alvi in rehab.

She should be free to spread her wings as she pleases!

Ayu Gani – the ugly duckling comes good

The Ugly Duckling is a much-loved fairly tale by the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen.

The story tells of a hapless chick (not that type!) born in a barnyard, and who has to endure abuse from others around him until, some time later, he matures into a beautiful swan.

This is a story which the winner of Asia's Next Top Model season three, Ayu Gani (@ganegani), can relate to.

When she was sent to high school in Surakarta, Central Java, Gani can vividly remember the abuse that she received:

"I was a new girl from Jakarta. Some of my male seniors wanted to get to know me and it enraged the girls. They threw bottles and trash at me, calling me trash."

"I was ugly. I had dark skin and very skinny. I never put any makeup. So I didn't think they would be jealous," she said.

Bur it was not long before the lanky teenager was magically transformed, although not into a swan but a leggy and exotic creature who turns heads wherever she goes….

Ayu Gani

Duo Serigala - Abang Goda (HD Fullscreen) Video

I don't think I can believe what my eyes are telling me: it's the latest titillating offering from those purveyors of sleaze, Indonesia's one and only Duo Serigala (The Two Wolves), who may not only eat you alive they may very well crush you as well. This is taking it one step further than drill dancing Inul ever could and raises the obvious question: what in the hell will come next?!!!

Deudeuh Alfisahrin: RIP

The beautiful die young.

Just like Deudeuh Alfisahrin, a 26-year old divorcee who was found dead in her boarding house on Saturday (11/4), in Tebet, South Jakarta, seemingly strangled with an electrical cable.

In the world of social media, Deudeuh was seemingly active – as many young people are – but her account on Twitter @tataa_chubby reveals a rather dark side to the sensual young lady’s lifestyle: she was a freelancer, or as they say in Indonesia cewek bisyar (a young woman who can be paid).

Deudeuh adroitly used her social account to lure in her customers, but tragedy ultimately befell the pale-skinned temptress, and her lifeless body was discovered by the owner of the boarding house after an unpleasant aroma was noticed nearby Deudeuh’s room.

Deudeuh’s body has already been taken to Cipto Mangunkusomo Hospital for an autopsy.

Although Deudeuh had many male visitors, it is hoped that the police can track her calleous murderer and bring him to justice.

It’s the least she deserves.

RIP Deudeuh.